American Data Network PSO’s Good Catch Campaign culminated when Quality and Patient Safety Professionals, along with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and nonclinical staff gathered for Arkansas’ 2018 Patient Safety Conference on March 28 at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock. A campaign wrap-up and Good Catch Awards ceremony topped the conference agenda, spotlighting outstanding Arkansas healthcare workers whose actions related to near miss reporting drove change and enhanced patient safety during the course of the year-long campaign.

The Good Catch campaign offered participating organizations the opportunity to strengthen their culture of safety through reporting, reveal process and system vulnerabilities, and develop and implement proactive data-driven improvement activities. The campaign was based on the belief that empowering hospital staff to speak up stands as one of the most impactful ways of fortifying a trustworthy organizational culture of safety.  

Stephanie Iorio, Director of ADN PSO, revealed that 45 participating hospitals reported a combined total of 9,445 Good Catches during 2017 reflecting an aggregated 47% increase over the 2016 baseline. The campaign achieved 95% of its goal with 81% of participating hospitals meeting or exceeding their individual goals.

“In other words, as a whole, participants reported an average of 246 more near misses per MONTH in 2017,” Iorio said, “We are very proud!”   

Phyllis Ragland, Clinical Patient Safety Advisor with ADN PSO, announced the winners of the campaign’s quarterly and overall Good Catch Awards. Quarterly individual award winners were: Chloe Baldwin, Arkansas Children’s Hospital; Dean Carpenter, Baxter Regional Medical Center; Angie Powell, Baxter Regional Medical Center; and Sheila Rather, Baxter Regional Medical Center. Quarterly physician winners included: Dr. Scott Harter, Baptist Health-Little Rock; Dr. Don Howard, St. Bernards Medical Center; and Dr. Greg Kresse, Eureka Springs Hospital. Chloe Baldwin, a nurse at ACH, and Dr. Scott Harter, a radiologist with Baptist Health, received the overall annual awards in each of these categories respectively.

Additionally, ADN PSO presented overall Good Catch Awards to one standout team that demonstrated remarkable progress in using near miss analytics to drive change and to the facility that achieved the greatest increase in reported near misses over baseline. The Patient Safety Committee at Ouachita County Medical Center in Camden, Ark.,  received the team award for essentially rebuilding the facility’s Patient Safety Program. As a first step in implementing the Good Catch campaign, OCMC redesigned its Patient Safety Committee to serve as the oversight champions for near miss activities. Lessons learned while participating in the Good Catch campaign fueled impactful actions associated with: Coumadin Protocol, Medications, Vancomycin Troughs, Respiratory Therapy Orders and Follow-Up Bilirubin Orders. Their reported level of compliance and reductions in associated events were remarkable.      

American Data Network CEO Cole Williamson presens the Facility Good Catch Award to Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Representing LMH from left to right are: Rosalind Casillas, CNO/Quality Director; Lory Williams, Case Management; Donna Mullen, frontline staff champion; Aaron Cole, Med/Surg Director; and Junior Briner, COO.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Walnut Ridge, Ark., earned the overall facility award. Lawrence Memorial’s work throughout the near miss campaign resulted in a complete transformation of staff mindset in regard to event reporting.  Continual education and increased communication ultimately increased their Near Miss reporting, over their 2016 Baseline, by 17,700%.

As the conference unfolded, it became clear that the Good Catch campaign transformed the way these Arkansas hospitals approach patient safety. Participating organizations witnessed how near miss reporting can serve as a bridge to building trust among teams and ultimately a catalyst for decreasing adverse events.

The Good Catch campaign was endorsed by the Arkansas Hospital Association, Arkansas Health Executives Forum, Arkansas Organization of Nurse Executives, Arkansas Association for Healthcare Quality, and Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care.



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