The Institution for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) has released a revised version of its Medication Safety Self Assessment for Antithrombotic Therapy in hospitals. The 2017 tool replaces an earlier version published in 2005 and includes safety strategies for newer oral anticoagulants.

The updated tool is designed to help facilities assess processes related to the use of antithrombotic therapy and identify opportunities for improvement. The document includes items that address the safe use of antithrombotic drugs, many of which appear on the ISMP List of High-Alert Medications, as well as recommended safeguards that have evolved from the analyses of reported medication errors. Before implementing the tool, ISMP urges hospitals to first form a multidisciplinary team that can properly evaluate the organization’s current antithrombotic therapy practices and document progress as improvement is pursued.

To learn more and to download the 2017 ISMP Medication Safety Self Assessment for Antithrombotic Therapy, click here.