American Data Network Patient Safety Organization (ADNPSO) named the second quarter recipients of the Good Catch Award, being presented quarterly this year to outstanding clinicians working to drive change and enhance patient safety through engagement in ADNPSO’s statewide near miss campaign.

The Good Catch campaign offers participating organizations opportunities to significantly increase near miss reporting, reveal process and system vulnerabilities, and develop and implement proactive data-driven improvement activities. The campaign is based on the belief that empowering hospital staff to speak up stands as one of the most impactful ways of fortifying a trustworthy organizational culture of safety. A near miss or close call reported today could prevent an error from happening tomorrow.

Sheila Rather, RN, Baxter Regional Medical Center, received the second quarter Individual Good Catch Award from American Data Network PSO.

Sheila Rather, RN, a nurse at Baxter Regional Medical Center in Mountain Home, Ark., received the Individual Good Catch Award for the campaign’s second quarter. Rather demonstrated courage when she contacted the hospital pharmacy to question orders for what she believed to be an inappropriate prescription of a high-risk pain medication for a fragile patient, advanced in age. Because Rather spoke up, the pharmacist was able to provide the patient’s physician with vital information regarding the appropriate use of the medication in question, and a more safe and effective pain
management protocol was established for the patient. Rather’s Good Catch has been shared as a teaching tool across the organization so that others might be inspired to come forward with questions or concerns that could ultimately prevent harm.

Dr. Greg Kresse, Eureka Springs Hospital, received the second quarter Physician Good Catch Award from American Data Network PSO.

Greg Kresse, MD, a primary care physician associated with Eureka Springs Hospital, in Eureka Springs, Ark., received the Physician Good Catch Award for the second quarter. Dr. Kresse’s Good Catch validated that the physical assessment of a patient is foremost and questions are in order when a clinical assessment and test results do not align. Kresse was immediately concerned when an x-ray of a patient who had experienced a fall came back negative. After examining the x-ray himself, Kresse insisted that radiology reread the film at which time radiologists confirmed a severe fracture. Kresse’s diligence and persistence impacted the patient’s care dramatically, paving the way for the required orthopedic consult and evaluation for surgery.

Forty-three Arkansas hospitals are participating in the Good Catch campaign. As a result, they have reinvigorated their commitment to safety culture by reinstituting idle patient safety committees, engaging leadership, and improving communication between departments. By the end of the campaign’s second quarter, participating facilities had reported over 2,000 near misses collectively.

The Good Catch campaign is endorsed by the Arkansas Hospital Association, Arkansas Health Executives Forum, Arkansas Organization of Nurse Executives, Arkansas Association for Healthcare Quality and Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care.

To learn more about the Good Catch program, click here.