mednews-logo.300We know you’re busy, but we don’t want you to miss important healthcare quality and patient safety news. Here’s a roundup of stories you may have missed but need to take a look at before calling it a week. (Sign up on the right if you’d like these news alerts delivered to you.)

  1. WHO Announces Effort to Reduce Medication Errors
    Learn more about the World Health Organization’s initiative that aims to cut medication errors in half by 2022. PSQH 
  2. Cut This One Regulation–and Save $500 Million in Health-Care Costs
    Dr. Peter Pronovost, director of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, explores why the federal government and other accrediting agencies continue to require costly preoperative tests to be conducted on patients set to undergo cataract surgery when the tests do not reduce potential risk. The Wall Street Journal
  3. The Cost of Not Taking Your Medicine
    Studies show that when people actually take the prescription medication prescribed to them, they only take about half of the doses instructed. Consider the price tag that comes along with the worsening conditions, return visits, and hospitalizations that result from nonadherence. The New York Times
  4. Self-funded team led by an ER doctor wins ‘Star Trek’ – inspired competition
    Read how Final Frontier Medical Devices, a seven-member research team led by a Philadelphia ER physician, won the $2.6 million top prize in an international tricoder design competition.  The Washington Post
  5. Patient safety: A public health crisis for a nation of patients
    Stephen E. Littlejohn, a member of the board of advisors for the National Patient Safety Foundation, lost his daughter to a health care-associated infection. Here, he makes an appeal to “put the ‘public’ in public health and work to prevent health care harm in every possible way.” STAT