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  1. Seven Lessons I’ve Learned About Improving Healthcare in America
    Risa Laviizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA, president and CEO of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, opens her final annual message with a passionate declaration that “Health is Everything.” Read more about the realizations that she’s made in her 14 years as head of the foundation and the steps she believes are critical to growing healthier communities nationwide. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  2. Two Words Can Soothe Patients Who Have Been Harmed: We’re Sorry
    Whether a hospital chooses the traditional model of “deny and defend” when errors happen or opt to apologize and compensate for their mistakes, one thing is certain: Staff need to be applying lessons learned from all of these errors to make care safer. Kaiser Health News
  3. How Can Leaders Create Psychological Safety?
    Download A Framework for Safe, Reliable, and Effective Care, IHI’s new white paper focused on building a culture of safety and a system of continuous learning to promote safety at all turns. IHI Improvement Blog