mednews-logo.300We know you’re busy, but we don’t want you to miss important healthcare quality and patient safety news. Here’s a roundup of stories you may have missed but need to take a look at before calling it a week. (Sign up on the right if you’d like these news alerts delivered to you.)

  1. Ownership vs Control of Your Health Data
    Prompted by a flood of recent articles including a piece published January 2 by The New York Times,  healthcare attorney and blogger, David Harlow reflects on why ownership may be less relevant than having access and control of one’s own patient data. Healthblawg
  2. MRSA Rates Dropped 87% in VA Hospital ICUs
    A new study published in the American Journal of Infection Control shows a significant drop  in MRSA infections contracted in VA intensive care units over the last 8 years while the CDC reports an encouraging trajectory for such HAIs in hosptials nationwide. HealthLeaders Media
  3. A View from the Edge — Creating a Culture of Caring
    To refer to Dr.  Rana L.A. Awdsih’s 2008 health scare, played out in her own hospital, as a “near-death experience” would be an understatement. Read how the trauma endured gave Dr. Awdish new perspective on the patient/physician relationship as well as the courage to speak out and incite improvement in her facility. The New England Journal of Medicine
  4. Star Wars Is Really About Protecting Patient Data (Yes It Is)
    Enjoy a fun read and think about how your organization can be bether than Darth Vader at protecting sensitive information in 2017. Consider what this author has to say about incident repsonse, access management and physical security, all key components to real-world cyber security. The Health Care Blog 
  5. New NIH guidelines on infants and peanuts may contradict everything you’ve heard before
    Scientists have done a 180 regarding advice to parents of children who could be at high risk of developing a peanut allergy. Read why a new protocol calls for peanut exposure for bablies as young as four months old.  The Washington Post
  6. Hospital offers discount for paying up
    St. John’s Medical Center in Jackson Hole, Wyo. hopes to reduce the $3 million the organizaiton has earmarked for unpaid debt by offering patients a 25 percent discount if they pay off their bills. Jackson Hole News & Guide
  7. Latest Hospital Injury Penalties Include Crackdown On Antibiotic Resistant Germs
    Learn more about the breakdown of hospitals that will feel the pinch from CMS penalties after failing to meet requirements for patient injuries including those caused by deadly MRSA and C. diff germs Kaiser Health News
  8. NPSF Launches Career Center
    The National Patient Safety Foundation has created an online resource aimed at connecting organizations and job seekers who share a commitment to patient and workforce safety. The NPSF Career Center website provides a listing of patient safety job openings across the nation as well as offers functionality that allows healthcare professionals to upload their resumes for consideration by potential employers. ADN News Blog