mednews-logo.300We know you’re busy, but we don’t want you to miss important healthcare quality and patient safety news. Here’s a roundup of stories you may have missed but need to take a look at before calling it a week. (Sign up on the right if you’d like these news alerts delivered to you.)

  1. New Tools Help Patients Make Tough Decisions In the ER
    Discover the types of shared decision-making aids some hospitals are using to assist patients in choosing a course for emergency treatment for conditions involving heart issues to appendicitis.  The Wall Street Journal
  2. Hospital Leaves Tube in Aorta, Doesn’t Tell Patient, Fights Lawsuit — great test case for risk, claims, and legal team. How would they handle differently?
    Disclosure policies can serve a bigger purpose than meeting regulatory requirements when the policies are actually followed. Consider this real-life situation where an injured patient gave a Dallas hospital two chances to make things right before eventually taking legal action against the institution she had trusted throughout her life. Sorry Works! Blog
  3. CMS delays overall hospital star ratings release: 4 things to know
    According to CMS, new overall star ratings, which are to include quality measures such as readmissions, mortality, effectiveness of care and timeliness of care as well as patient experience scores, are now set for publication in July. Becker’s Infection Control & Clinical Quality
  4. Toward a Safer Health Care System – The Critical Need to Improve Measurement
    Two leading patient safety experts, Ashish Jha, M.D.,  and Peter Pronovost, M.D., Ph.D., have published an appeal that calls for more collaboration on the part of the CMS, CDC and Congress in developing patient safety measures that truly matter and do not punish facilities that are most vigilant about identifying adverse events.  JAMA
  5. CMS’ 2017 IPPS proposed rule: 10 points to know
    Find out what you need to know about the 2017 Medicare Inpatient Prospective Payment System proposed rule which does away with the two-midnight rule’s inpatient pay cuts. Becker’s Hospital CFO
  6. Caring Safely Patient Story: ‘I Was All That Mattered To Her’
    Former patient, Katie Dick is now an influential member of a Patient Partner Program within Canada’s University Health Network. Read how one nurse’s intense focus on Katie, following a scary medical mistake, allowed physicians to promptly address the error and inspired Katie’s commitment to patient safety advocacy. University Health Network
  7. How Big of a Public Health Issue Is Patient Safety?
    While the movement to improve patient safety has seen significant advances, these authors believe much more needs to be done in order to meet the goal of protecting all patients in all health care settings. Future of Health