GovProc2016300Gov. Asa Hutchinson issued a proclamation declaring March 13 – 19, 2016 Patient Safety Awareness Week in Arkansas. The event coincides with National Patient Safety Awareness Week, which marks the culmination of the National Patient Safety Foundation’s  year-long campaign, United for Patient Safety.

NPSF’s United for Patient Safety initiative aims to establish the fact that everyone in the healthcare process plays a role in delivering safe care — from patients and frontline staff to administrators in the executive suite and from patient and family advocates to corporate solutions providers.  The NPSF aims to affirm the importance of the relationship between providers and patients and to demonstrate how increased communication and engagement can lead to safer care.

This year, NPSF is calling for healthcare professionals nationwide to sign an online pledge signifying their commitment to reading the foundation’s new Free from Harm report and discussing its findings with colleagues. In addition, the foundation is extending a similar opportunity to healthcare consumers who are being asked to sign a pledge indicating their intent to become more informed and more involved in their own health care and decision making.

In his official proclamation, Gov. Hutchinson avows that maintaining high quality standards across our country’s healthcare system “will take the efforts of healthcare quality professionals, our communities, the government and our healthcare providers and businesses, all working together to promote and enhance the quality of patient care.” The Governor also acknowledges the need for “continuous communication between patients and caregivers.”

To read the full text of Gov. Hutchinson’s proclamation of Patient Safety Awareness Week in Arkansas, click here.