2016.350In the course of its work to improve healthcare quality and patient safety, the team at American Data Network developed three practical tools in 2015 that will have lasting impact as healthcare organizations move into the new year. Click on the links below to learn more and start using ADN’s helpful Sepsis tipsheets, fall assessment and cost calculator today.

  1. Free Tipsheets Afford Quick Reference for Sepsis Protocols
    This set of straightforward tipsheets can help clinicians understand the defining criteria and suggested treatment protocols for Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock. Simply download, print and laminate these handy tipsheets for quick reference hospital wide.
  2. Infographic Outlines 90-Second Fall Triage Process
    ADN PSO’s 90-Second Post Fall Assessment guides the nurse toward an overall initial impression in determining the cause of a fall and establishing priorities for patient care interventions and prevention of repeat falls.
  3. New Calculator Tool Helps Hospitals Figure Financial Impact of Adverse Events
    After conducting an impact study on the financial costs and increased length of stay (LOS) associated with certain adverse events that occur in hospitals across the country, ADN made available an easy-to-use tool for calculating the total excess cost of specific patient safety indicators in any facility.