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  1. Hospital Cuts Readmissions in Half with Help from College Students
    Learn how a partnership between one Ohio hospital and a nearby liberal arts college has spawned a highly successful  Community Care Network that has helped the hospital drastically cut readmissions as well as reduce ED visits by 26 percent.
  2. Hand hygiene video from Sharp HealthCare: ‘It’s OK to ask’
    “A crew cannot fake, for you, their care; you feel it.” Watch a poignant video being used by a San Diego healthcare system to ease the tension when patients need to ask clinicians and other caregivers to wash their hands.
  3. Could cameras in operating rooms reduce preventable medical deaths?
    Consider opinions from both sides of a controversial concept that would definitely offer more transparency for patients undergoing surgery. While patient advocacy groups are all for it, associations for medical professionals are remaining tight-lipped regarding the prospects of “black boxes” and mandated recording privileges in the OR.