mednews-logo.300We ‘re right in the middle of National Nurses Week 2015 — a time to officially commend the hard work of the women and men who put the “care” in healthcare. Here’s a roundup of important healthcare quality and patient safety stories you may have missed but need to take a look at before calling it a week. (Sign up on the right if you’d like these news alerts delivered to you.)

  1. Celebrate National Nurses Week With a LIFE Cover Story on Nursing in the 1930s
    The days of “almost any girl” being able to become a nurse are far behind us. With a list of qualifications that only begins with an extensive science-based education, nurses truly are the superheroes of today’s healthcare industry. This photo essay, shot by Alfred Eisenstaedtas, offers a look back at what nursing looked like in 1938 and how student nurses were prepared “to secure the health of future generations.”
  2. Finding the Stars of Hospital Care in the U.S.
    Read why Ashish Jha, MD, internist and health policy researcher at Harvard School of Public Health, believes the new hospital star rating system recently introduced by CMS is actually a good idea.
  3. Shift the focus from patient satisfaction to employee satisfaction
    Imagine a healthcare industry in which all staff felt “safe, supported, comfortable, and respected.” A focus on bettering the work environment may be more beneficial than taking the “customer is always right” approach to quality improvement that seems to be sweeping the country.
  4. How the VA, HCA dramatically reduced MRSA infections
    Learn about the four-part MRSA reduction program implemented in VA hospitals nationwide that included surveillance measures, contact precautions, hand hygiene standards and a system wide culture transformation focused on accountability. Then, read about a landmark study launched by HCA that examined the effectiveness of universal screening and isolation of patients with MRSA.