The National Patient Safety Foundation’s Lucian Leape Institute released a report following two roundtable discussions between stakeholders regarding the impact of transparency on patient safety.

Participants and researchers focused on four domains in which they agree that true transparency will generate “improved outcomes, fewer errors, more satisfied patients, and lower costs.” Included in the report are case studies illustrating how transparency can be practiced in the following domains: 

• Transparency between clinicians and patients

• Transparency among clinicians themselves

• Transparency of healthcare organizations with one another

• Transparency of both clinicians and organizations with the public

The study also includes 39 specific recommendations for ways that clinicians, healthcare leaders and policymakers can work to model and encourage transparency within their facilities. Despite the fact that over time the positives have far outweighed the negatives where transparency is concerned, the report acknowledges that  several obstacles definitely stand in the way of progress in this area and employment of these steps will take courage and a commitment to an overall culture of safety among stakeholders.

To learn more about the Institute’s recommendations or to read the full report,  Shining a Light: Safer Health Care Through Transparency, click here.