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  1. 11 Healthcare Buzzwords for 2015
    When an ICU team decides that it’s time to move a patient to a lower level of care, it’s usually great news until that patient takes a turn for the worse and must be moved back into ICU. There’s a word for that: “ICU Bounceback.” Click through this glossary of trending jargon compiled by HelathLeaders Media and learn more about which healthcare-related concepts and situations are now being called by name.
  2. The American Society of Anesthesiologists: Deep Roots in Patient Safety
    Anesthesiology changed medicine and became the first specialty to champion patient safety in 1846 when the first patients were administered anesthetic allowing them to undergo surgery without pain or recall. Read a brief history of the role anesthesiologists have played and are still playing in the advancement of patient safety.
  3. Skip Your Annual Physical
    We’re all supposed to have one, right? But what value does your annual physical really offer? Canadian physicians have been giving these exams the thumbs down since 1979. Weigh the pros and cons of these check-ups and find out why oncologist, Ezekiel J. Emanuel believes they just may be a waste of time and money for most everyone involved.