Leapfrog logoOn October 29, The Leapfrog Group released updated patient safety scores for more than 2,500 hospitals across the United States for the purpose of helping consumers make more informed healthcare decisions.

Leapfrog’s Hospital Safety Score website assigns ratings of A, B, C ,D or F to hospitals based on 15 process measures and 13 outcome measures.  The breakdown of the hospital ratings, revealed in Leapfrog’s Fall 2014 update, was as follows:

A – 790
B – 688
C – 868
D – 148
F –   26 

Updated data showed improvement, since the spring, on all 15 process measures, including hand hygiene and physician staffing in intensive care units, but revealed little progress in the area of outcomes. Some hospitals even appeared to have taken steps backward on certain measures like preventing surgical site infections following major colon surgery.  The new data did, however, show significant improvement in preventing central line-associated bloodstream infections in ICUs.

To learn more about key findings and to read the news release regarding Leapfrog’s updated Hospital Safety Score data, click here.