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  1. 9 Things Every Leader Should Keep an Eye On
    Read this summary or link to an article written by Insigniam Quarterly’s editor in chief illustrating nine distinct components of corporate culture that can assist all leaders in ¬†measuring their organizations’ strengths and weaknesses.
  2. 3 Reasons for Modernizing Healthcare IT
    Figuring out how to reduce human error in managing sensitive data while staying on budget is a top priority for IT managers. Explore three examples of how modern data management strategies can contribute to improved healthcare quality.
  3. 8 Ways to Improve Health Literacy
    October is Health Literacy Month. From asking open-ended questions to using “Teach Back” techniques, there are many ways healthcare providers can improve the way they communicate with patients. Consider these recommendations for helping patients better understand their medical condition as well as what they need to do to improve or manage their situation.