emergencysign.300Patients who return to the Emergency Department within just a few days of an ED discharge do so primarily because they don’t believe they are going to get timely and quality follow-up care and because they’re worried about the potential for disease progression, according to a study published online in the Annals of Emergency Medicine.

While financial disincentives for readmissions have prompted recent interest in “unnecessary” hospital visits, little research has been done to learn exactly what motivates patients to make the decision to return to the hospital within a short time-frame.  In the study, Return Visits to the Emergency Department : The Patient Perspective, researchers looked at 60 patients who returned to the ED within 9 days of discharge. They examined the personal experiences and challenges the patients faced in transitioning home after their discharge from the ED.

Researchers cited fear associated with their condition, lack of insurance and even dissatisfaction and lack of trust in their primary care physician as key reasons for returning to the ED. Patients also described frustrations with their clinics that included inconveniences and lack resources needed to successfully treat certain conditions.

To read the study, Return Visits to the Emergency Department : The Patient Perspective, click here.