HICS_Logo.300The California Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) released the Fifth Edition of its Hospital Incident Command System Guidebook. The 2014 HICS Guidebook has been adapted to meet the needs of all hospitals, regardless of their size, location, or patient care capabilities. The updated guidebook integrates lessons learned from real-world emergencies brought to light during the 2009 to 2010 National HICS Survey and the 2011 HICS National Stakeholders’ Summit.

More than a half-dozen key updates have been made to the system and are detailed in the new guidebook. Those updates include:

  • The title “Incident Management Team” has been changed to “Hospital Incident Management Team.”
  • A Patient Family Assistance Branch has been included under the Operations Section to address patient family needs during a response.
  • An Employee Family Care Unit Leader has been included in the support branch within the Logistics Section to assist healthcare staff and clinicians by providing support for their families.
  • Greater emphasis has been placed on incident action planning with the introduction of new, more practical tools.
  • Incident Planning Guides and Incident Response Guides have been reformatted and adjusted for improved use by hospitals.
  • HICS forms have been revised to be more consistent with those used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and three new HICS forms have been created for hospital use.
  • An added chapter speaks to the use of HICS during off hours and in smaller, rural settings.

To learn more and to download California EMSAs 2014 HICS Guidebookclick here.