defdrivtipclip.300In correlation with Patient Safety Awareness Week 2014, American Data Network has released its third Healthcare Tip Clip video, Defensive Driving for Patient Safety.  ADN developed its tip clip video series to provide easily accessible information regarding industry innovations and implementation of best practices proven to enhance quality, combat patient safety issues and improve performance in hospitals. Packed with practical information and applicable processes, ADN’s one to three-minute videos are handy tools for quick reference as well as staff training and re-education.

ADN’s latest tip clip, Defensive Driving for Patient Safety, speaks to the need for organization-wide commitment when it comes to keeping a watchful eye for signs of danger and helping to mitigate risk before harm is delivered to patients. The video also discusses key self-assessment questions that organizations need to pose prior to mapping out patient safety strategies.

Watch Defensive Driving for Patient Safety by clicking on the arrow below or access ADN’s newest video along with previously released tip clips including: 90-Second Post-Fall Patient Assessment and Data Inventory, by clicking here.

Healthcare Tip Clip: Defensive Driving for Patient Safety