mednewsWe know you’re busy, but we don’t want you to miss important healthcare quality and patient safety news. Below is a roundup of stories you may have missed but need to take a look at before calling it a week. (Sign up on the right if you’d like these news alerts delivered to you.)

  1. A Hidden Cause of Readmissions Comes to Light
    Hospitals are going to have to get serious about preventing surgical complications like venous thromboembolism (VTE) and infections, which many patients are developing following discharge, forcing them to return to the hospital. Learn why improved assessments of readiness for discharge are going to be essential if hospitals are going to avoid costly Medicare reimbursement reductions in the future.
  2. AMA Seeks to Stop ICD-10, Cites Soaring Costs
    Access an updated study released this week by the American Medical Association projecting that implementation of the federally mandated ICD-10 coding system will cost physicians three times as much as originally predicted.
  3. HENs Reduce Harm, Save Big Money Over 2 Years
    The American Hospital Association’s Hospital Engagement Network has prevented 69,000 hospital-caused complications and saved over $201 million in healthcare costs. Read more about the success of the country’s largest HEN coalition as well as suggestions for maximizing the work of such networks.