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  1. Why You Should Involve Patients in Nursing Handoffs
    According to a study done earlier this year by the American Nurses Association, 43 percent of nurses believe the majority of their hospitals’ patient safety programs are ineffective — except for one. Learn why nurses and patients agree that actively engaging patients during handoffs is essential to patient safety.
  2. How CPOE Will Make Healthcare Smarter
    Consider the possibilities now that computerized physician order entry is mainstream, and CPOE developers are turning their energies toward the design of simpler and more intuitive decision support- systems.
  3. Engaging Physicians to Prepare for ICD-10: Best Practices from Baptist Health
    Find out what steps Baptist Health South Florida took to implement its clinical documentation improvement program, cleverly tagged “CDI Miami,” and how the program’s success translated into $14 million in additional reimbursements awarded to the system this year.