PSO-Mandate-Language HIXThe deadline of a critical mandate in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) regarding state health insurance exchanges is rapidly approaching.

Beginning January 1, 2015, hospitals with 50 beds or more cannot participate in a state insurance exchange unless they are a member of a Patient Safety Organization (PSO) that is certified by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). (See Relevant Language.)

The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act authorized the creation of PSOs to improve healthcare quality and patient safety in the United States. PSOs provide hospitals with legal privilege and confidentiality so that they may collect and share patient safety data without the fear of legal discovery.

The ACA directs states to create Health Insurance Exchanges that are operational by January 1, 2014. These exchanges are charged with expanding coverage for the uninsured, improving health care quality, reducing costs, and empowering consumers to choose a health plan that gives them the best value.

Please feel free to contact American Data Network Patient Safety Organization to ensure your hospital does not miss the opportunity to participate in state insurance exchanges. We’re encouraging all hospitals, even those with fewer than 50 beds, to seriously consider joining a PSO before the deadline expires.

For more information, please contact Sherry Bird, American Data Network Patient Safety Organization, at (501) 225-5533 or at

About American Data Network Patient Safety Organization

Founded in 2009, American Data Network PSO is Arkansas’ only patient safety organization. Certified by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, ADN PSO provides the following services: Collection and analysis of patient safety work product; an event reporting system; transmission of de-identified data to the Network of Patient Safety Databases (NPSD); facilitation of the identification of process improvements that lead to best practices; utilization of patient safety work product to encourage a culture of safety and to provide feedback and assistance toward minimizing patient risk; and, other activities related to the operation of a patient safety evaluation system. For more information, visit