The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense,  has issued a new version of its successful TeamSTEPPS® program aimed specifically at improving safety of care for residents in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities including assisted living and retirement communities.

TeamSTEPPS® is a research-based program created with the goal of transforming industry culture through improved collaboration and communication among departmental teams within healthcare facilities.  The new TeamSTEPPS® for Long-Term Care curriculum is designed to train medical professionals working in nursing homes to respond quickly and efficiently as a team no matter what the situation.

The comprehensive curriculum’s Instructor Guide is designed to steer leaders through the planning, training and sustainment stages of implementing a teamwork improvement initiative within a long-term care facility.  Instructional materials include case studies and short videos illustrating where to seek out opportunities for improvement as well as facility success stories and evaluation tools. The program is available on DVD and also includes PowerPoint presentations that can be used as training tools.  Copies of the TeamSTEPPS® for Long-Term Care DVD can be obainted by emailing AHRQ’s Publications Clearinghouse or by calling (800) 358-9295.

For more information on TeamSTEPPS® and the new Long-Term Care version of the program, click here.