The National Patient Safety Foundation’s Professional Learning Series announced an upcoming webinar titled “The New Kid on the Patient Safety Block: Diagnostic Error in Medicine.”

The webinar, to be held Wednesday, November 16, 2011, at 12 p.m. CST, will be conducted by Mark Graber, MD, a senior research policy analyst for the Healthcare Quality and Outcomes Program at RTI International.

The learning objectives for the webinar, target to physicians, include:

  • Identify diagnostic error as a major element of risk in their practices
  • Discuss the importance of diagnostic error including the costs and consequences to patients and organizations
  • Perform a root cause analysis based on the factors known to contribute to diagnostic error
  • Use tools provided to reduce the risks of diagnostic error in their own practices.

Below is some general info about the ongoing Professional Learning Series from the NPSF Website.

The NPSF Professional Learning Series offers today’s healthcare professional the convenience of continuing education and peer-to-peer collaboration in an online learning environment. Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of the National Patient Safety Foundation, programs offer best practices, cutting-edge perspectives, and unmatched resources to address current and emerging issues in patient safety. Through this online learning series, healthcare professionals can achieve both personal and professional milestones, while also meeting national and organization-specific patient safety goals.

Key Benefits:

  • Proven Resource for Patient Safety Education
  • Live Q&A with Expert Faculty
  • Shared Best Practices and Collaboration
  • Continuing Education Credits for an Unlimited Number of Attendees per Connection
  • Turn-key Solutions and Take-A-Ways

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Live Participation $199 per connection (Continuing Education Credits for an Unlimited Number of Attendees per Connection)